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True identity Reiki, digital pdf, levels 1-4 By Tawan Chester: Connect to Source/Spirit/God, Live Your Truth, Learn Your True Idenity


Founder Tawan Chester


Who are you??? Have you gotten lost in the rat race or the hum drum...  are you moving through life no knowing or fulfilling your purpose?  Now is the time to live life on your terms and not by the ideas or expectations of others... it is now time to walk in your true idenity...

Level 1 - Clearing:  Energy will identify and clear away limiting thoughts and beliefs that have held you back.

Level 2 - Pathways: Pathways (channels) will open and reopen to connect you directly to the Source.  You already have a connection with the Source but these connections are for energy and information directly linked with your true idenity.

Level 3 - Reconnect:  The information regarding your true idenity - the truth of who you really are flows into your consciousness.

Level 4 - Advancing:  The energy at this level is to help you fully accept who you are and to live in your truth.

You will receive 4 distant orb of life chi ball attunements and the original pdf manual sentelectronically by link



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