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Cosmic Diabetes Assist digital pdf 1-5 - Assists to help you live with and through the condition of diabetes


Includes the original pdf sent electronically and distant attunements via chi ball

Cosmic Diabetes Assist energy is special multilevel system that comes to help you live with and through the condition of diabetes.  it isn't here to help you cope with having the condition but to help you move through it with the treatment of it.  Use this system to compliment any treatment that you are now using.  It is not a replacement for prescribed treatments.

Level 1        0;    Opens the mind and body to the condition of wholeness
Level 2        0;    Helps to detox and flush your system
Level 3        0;    Focuses on the brain center
Level 4        0;    Re-sequencing insulin precursors
Level 5        0;    Helps tune-up various organs in the body
Level 6        0;    Regulate specific hormones
You will receive distant chi ball attunement and 1 pdf manual sent electronically by email



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