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Cosmic Siblings (Soul Family), digital pdf: Connect with your soul family that reincarnated with you


Do you know who your Cosmic Siblings are or  your Soul Family?

Founder: Heidi Gebhard-Burger

Do you know your Cosmic Siblings – your Soul Family? When meeting some special people – do you have sometimes spontaneously the intense feeling of knowing them since eternal times? Do you feel a strong understanding and an intense harmony? If this is the case, you possibly met a Cosmic Sibling, a member of your soul family. Your Soul Family is not identical with your terrestrial Family.

It is uniting souls having gathered together in the other world, having the same or similar (karmic) tasks in order to manage their life tasks here in this materiality and duality better and with more ease.Parts of the Family can incarnate together at the same time, whereas other parts of your Cosmic Siblings (just like the Angels and the spiritual Leaders) are assisting you from the spiritual dimensions – from higher vibrant spheres – in the accomplishment of your tasks here and now on this earth.


Many of your Cosmic Siblings have already fulfilled their journey through the wheel of reincarnation. They can help you with their achieved wisdom and are able to strengthen and reload your energy body with higher vibrant energy.You only need to ask them!


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