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Pegasus Ki digital e-manual: Breaking throuh borders caused by wrong ideas, brings positive changes,


Founder: Heidi Gebhard-Burger

Pegasus - a mythical creature, a pretty winged horse for children’s books, one of the many creatures of the extensive store of the Greek and Roman mythology – or what is hidden behind this name?

After finding Pegasus as a constellation at the northern sky, in the homely neighborhood of Cepheus, Cassiopeia, Perseus and Andromeda (all the creatures, which were part of Pegasus’ life) we can assume that the ancient people had a momentous reason to fix this myth for all following generations at the heavens. In the manual you will find the myth of Pegasus in full details; this helps a lot to understand how the energies of Pegasus work, what they can do for you, if you use them properly and what can be achieved with them.
Pegasus supports us in discovering and encouraging our artistic bent which on the other hand could help us to develop ourselves beyond the profane earthly burden of surviving into a truly spiritual and sophisticated being and to come more aware of our divine being (and order).
Pegasus helps us to fully develop into your own potential by:
  • Increasing your consciousness for your own unique abilities
  • Strengthening your self-confidence
  • Making it possible to pursue your aims actively
  • Breaking through borders caused by wrong ideas
  • Taking responsibility for yourself, your aims and your actions.
As a result a lot of positive changes could happen, such as for example an increased efficiency, improved circumstances of life and quality of life, better inter-human relationships, more flexibility, to assert and adapt in times of changes and generally the development of special abilities. These abilities help us with our personal further development and normally have a positive influence on our surroundings.
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