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Flush Energy Distance Session, including digital e-information: Energies to clear h aura, cleanse chakras, remove cords and clean meridians


Includes 1 distant energy session with informational digital e-informational pdf sent to you electronically by link

Buy 1 Get 1: Not included in get 1 free offerings

Facilitator: Rosemary Noel


This intensive distant healing session with Rosemary consists of:

  • An Aura Flush
  • A Chakra Flush
  • A Meridian Flush
  • Etheric Cord Flush

Energies of your session will flow for 25-45 minutes. This session is sent by orb of life call in not appointment. With this healing session you will receive 1 session with 3 call ins.


Our sessions are popular and the length of time necessary to provide you your session is dependent on the number of requests we has received ahead of yours. Please allow 72 hours to 5 days for your session to be completed Your session notes are delivered by Cosmic Goddess Empowerments in an e-informational digital pdf by link with a “call in at your convenience” activation

It is recommended you call in each session 5-7 days apart.  Orb of Life chi balls will be prepared within 72 hours of receiving payment and I will email you when ready and send your e-informational by digital link

Energy Sessions are not included in buy 1 get 1 member gifts, by purchasing you agree, yes?

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