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The Ultimate Healing Session Package & digital e-Informational: For Aura, chakras, dna, past life, negativity, 3rd eye, etheric crystal, mental flush


Includes a digital e-informational electronically delivered by link and 20 distant energy sessions

BOGO: This may be your main choice not a bogo choice.  You may choose 1 Energy System eManual of equal or lesser value as a bogo. 

Delivery Time: Your first session is typically delivered within 72 hours of purchase, thereafter future sessions will be deliverred in 72 hours increments.

Each session focuses on different issues and include:

  • Session 1: Reiki Vibrational Healing Session
  • Session 2: Seven Chakra Cleansing & Balancing
  • Session 3: Auric Cleansing, Repair and Healing
  • Session 4: DNA Clearing
  • Session 5: Past Life Clearing
  • Session 6: Present Lifetime Clearing
  • Session 7: Angelic Healing Session
  • Session 8: Attraction Healing - Remove Blockages to manifest hearts desires.
  • Session 9: Soulmate or Broken Heart Healing
  • Session 10: Etheric Crystal Energy Healing - crystal energy session
  • Session 11: Open Third Eye Ajna Activation
  • Session 12: Obstacle Remover
  • Session 13:  Ancestral Generational Clearing
  • Session 14: Negativity Clearing and Protection
  • Session 15: Etheric Cord Flush Healing Session - to remove cording
  • Session 16: Self-Love Healing Session
  • Session 17: Inner Child Healing Session
  • Session 18: Mental Flush Healing Session
  • Session 19: 4th Eye Opening Session
  • Session 20: Life Path - Get Your Life Back On Track Healing Session

Each session will last for approximately 25 - 45 minutes Sessions will be sent by chi ball call in method only, not by appointment There are no session reports with package and this package is included in bogo offering however your bogo must be a single system energy system of equal or lesser value as a bogo choice.


Note: Please allow 72 hours up to 4 days for your first session to be delivered and your future sessions will be sent 72 hours apart. Registered on-line members, please list your member gift choice here of 1 Single Energy System of equal or lesser than price of the package:

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