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Pain Release Anointing Session: Exalated Pain Release & Customized Energies for your symptoms with a digital pdf e-informational sent electronically


I have been sending this session's energies to others years with great success. Use for toothache, headache, chronic pain and more! 

BOGO: Not included in buy 1 get 1 free offerings

Millions of people are afflicted by pain everyday. Pain can have many causes and is experienced subjectively in a multitude of diverse ways. Whether your pain is cutaneous, neuropathic, acute, chronic or results from a psychological disorders which can bring accompanying pain. Depression is a psychological disorder, however, that doesn’t stop the disease from comprising a hodgepodge of very real physical symptoms.

Pain Release Anointing Flush© works as a timed release pain flush, to be used in conjunction with, and not as a replacement to any medical care you are receiving now. This energy will deeply penetrate timed release healing into your cells. sessions are done in real time, meaning that you might feel the benefit while I’m facilitating your session and then again when you call it in.  You will be able to activate your session three times.

Alll sessions are sent by call in method. You will be provided an informational pdf on how to “call in"  your sessions.  This will allow the energies proper time to work when you are relaxed and ready.  Sessions are generally provided within 48 hours of when you complete your payment. .  You will be provided an informational pdf on how to “call in" your your leisure as doing so will allow the energies proper time to have energies work when you are relaxed and ready.

At time of purchase please let me know what type of pain release you desire, i.e. cramps, headache and etc.

Sessions are not included in buy 1 get 1 offerings. Your session is sent by chi ball call in method, not appointment. Please list your pain concern here:

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