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Archangel Michael Distant Session with digital e-informational digital pdf: For clearing & releasing negative entities, unwanted influences



Included is 1 digital e-informational sent electronically by link

Your Archangel Michael session provided by Rosemary Noel.

BOGO: Not Included in buy 1 get 1 free offerings

Note: This is for an energy treatment session not f a system pdf' or  attunement

This session connects puts you in synchronization with the clearing & discernment vibrations of Archangel Michael.  Some benefits are clarity, discernment, healing, fear removal, clearing & releasing negative entities and unwanted influences

Archangel Michael’s name means who is like God. He is the ultimate warrior angel. He eradicates fear and infuses you with courage instantly, predominantly when a circumstance is  interfering with your life purpose. 

Archangel Michael clears negative energy and infuses you with God's holy light so that the mind can be healed of any energy which is outdated and no longer serves you. He will remove negative attitudes/limiting belief and bring a soul clearing.

Some of the energies of this  session are based, in part with Mariah Couture’s Archangel Michael 3rd Eye Alignment energy system. This session’s energies will connect you with the 3rd Eye of Archangel Michael to assist you to discern what decision(s) to make in your life through eyes and perspicacity of Archangel Michael. You will be seeing the circumstances from his perspective.  This session can assist you to select the decision so you will be you are in alignment with divinity and your soul; as a result your life is on-track and enriched. 

Characteristically, Archangel Michael will provide a clearing out of any dense energies or energy that no longer serves your clarity and wisdom prior to aligning it with his. By aligning your third eye with Archangel Michael’s third eye only the information that is appropriate for you to have at this time will arrive unto you. In addition, you will have greater clarity and accuracy. 

Finally, Archangel Michael Power is an energy task that puts you into the stream of Archangel Michael’s power and spiritual authority. This energy function is beneficial to you assist in removing negative entities and to clear people's energy fields of unwanted influences.

Alll sessions are sent by orb of life, chi ball call in method. You will be provided a digital e-informational  on how to receive your session.  This will allow the energies proper time to work when you are relaxed and ready. Sessions are generally provided 72 hours after you complete your payment. As with other sessions, sessions are not included in bogo offerings.  You may call in this session three times



Distant Energy Treatments and Personalized Sessions are not included in bogo offerings.

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