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CANDRA SAKTI 'THE MAGIC OF MOON' BY HARI WINARSO: Brings HIGH magickal vibrations to your force field or ENERGY BODY


Candra Sakti has a meaning as "The Magic of Moon" Read more at
24 March 2014
Founder Hari Winarso
Levels 1
Pre-requite Registered Site Member
BOGO: Available for Main Choice or BOGO choice
About this system:
Candra Sakti has a meaning as "The Magic of Moon", this special empowerment brings high magickal energies and vibrations to your force-field/energy-body. It helps you to influence people and acquire sympathy from everyone. It helps you to gain the respect of friends and rivals. Thank you for visiting!

With purchase you'll receive 1 distant attunement by chi ball call in method and the original English manual sent electronically

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