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Blue Moon Elixir, digital pdf by Hari Winarso: Enhance COMMUNICATION ability, be the best YOU that you can be, clear PERCEPTION in all lessons


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30 March 2014

Founder Hari Winarso

Levels 1

About this system:

Blue Moon Elixir is a focused energy with a smooth vibration, assisting you the be the best you, you can be.  It reinforces your inner and outer aura radiance and inspires clear perception in all lessons you learn, in everything you do. In addition, Cosmic Goddess Empowerments found that it highlights a new way of gaining personal insight to assist you in your own personal awakening.

Hari says: Blue Moon Elixir can enhance your communication ability and facilitates revealing spoken and unspoken articulations so you can easily follow the flow of conversation. This energy is excellent for those who do public speaking, work in public relations or for sales people. Use to reaffirm confidence and belief in your abilities!

Includes English translation digital e-manual pdf sent electronically & attunement distant by orb of life

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