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Fantasy Mystical Moon (digital e-manual): Female Power, Sexy Attraction, Goddess Connection and MUCH MORE


Includes digital e-manual sent electronically by link

Founder Lavinia Sina

Levels 1

Language: Available in your choice of English or German   

About this system:

Lavinia says this system is PURE magic...and says Fantasy Mystical Moon acts in the following areas:


  •    Mystic femininity
  •    Female power / self-esteem
  •    Contact to goddesses
  •    Witches Magic
  •    Expansion of consciousness
  •    Incredibly fascinating meditation travels
  •    Mystic Aura
  •    Add things“ (luck, success, love, positive energy etc.)
  •    Remove things“ (bad luck, negative energies, failure etc.)
  •    Sexy attraction charisma

Lavinia says this system "is not combined with spiritual or other energies. The name of the system is a fantasy name, that's why the word "fantasy" is located in the system name. There is no energy used here,. It is standalone magic".

With purchase you will receive the original German or English translation digital e-manual sent electronically by link and 1 distant attnement by chi ball call in method



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