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Bio Life Fuel, digital pdf by Mariah Couture: Earth Sun & Moon, Kinetic energy of motion, a energetic fuel source for the biological body


Includes the digital pdf emanual electronically sent and distant attunement read further for details

Founder Mariah Couture

Lanuage: Available in your choice of German or English pdf

Levels 1

About this system:

Bio Life Fuel™ arrives to us from kinetic energy, the energy of motion. Bio Life™ is an energy that biological life forms notice and accept as sustenance. Many energies are too raw and of a vibration that are not easily received or used by a biological body. Bio life Fuel™ is excess energy from tidal waves, and atmospheric pressure changes that have been transformed into a fuel source for biological bodies here on planet Earth.

Bio Life Fuel has some influences of Earth, moon and sun within its energies. Tractive force is the type of gravitational force that causes tides.Wind energy is the kinetic energy of the air in motion. Kinetic energy released during the movement of tides and wind combine perfectly with Eternal Life energies to create Bio Life Fuel. What makes Bio Life Fuel so compatible with human and other physical life forms here on planet Earth? Our physical bodies exist within Earth’s atmosphere and as such we are already energetically familiar with the movement of air around our body. Being created and sustained by Eternal Sacred Source, a physical body here on planet Earth thrives within the energy of Eternal Love, and Life! We are Eternal Beings living within a physical body made of elements local to this Earth planet. Thank you for visiting cosmicgoddessempowerments

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