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Magical Cleaning Potion, digital pdf by Lavinia: Very strong magical energetic cleaning at ALL levels



Included is Magical Cleaning Potion non-printable pdf & attunement

16 October 2015


Founder Lavinia Sina Szendrei

Levels 1

Prerequisites: None

Language: The non-printable pdf is available in your choice of either English or German or Russian

A high-magical energy system, Lavinia writes in her manual that Magical Cleaning Potion is a profound, highly concentrated, highly energetic and very extraordinary magic! Very powerful and effective this magical energy operates till the 'furthest corner and smallest cell".

Examples Where You Might Want To Have This Energy May Assist You With:

  • To Free from ANY Blockages
  • To Clean your Aura so it radiates magically
  • To Clean & Release ANY negative involvements/channels & neutralize them
  • Clarifies inscrutable situations/circumstances
  • Clear your perception to exposes ANY kind of negativity in ALL respects and at ALL levels

With purchase you will receive the non-printable pdf in your choice of either English or German or Russian  and 1 distant ch ball attunement.





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