Sacred Geometry Light Body Co-Creation Session, with digital informational pdf, by Mariah Couture with Dolphin energies to upgrade your light body

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1 Distant Energy Session and digital informational pdf sent electronically with instructions about your session and how to activate by link from Cosmic Goddess Empowerments!

BOGO: Mariah's Sessions are not included in buy 1 get 1 free offerings

About Mariah:

Mariah is the Author of Attune to Divinity™ and founder of over 150 Energy Systems.

About this session:

Cosmic Goddess Empowerments is delighted to offer you this Sacred Geometry Light Body Co-Creation energy session because it attends to your light body in a most amazing way!

This session is an innovative way to upgrade your light body structure to support your creative and manifesting expression here in this reality! Sacred Geometries are trusted to enhance the effectiveness of spiritual intentions and healing ceremonies.

Sacred Geometry Light Body Co-Creation Session provides the substrate and fortification of your light body so that it can safely and more easily handle the intensity of spiritual energies more complicated geometries invite.

Sacred Geometry designs are the basis for many places of worship and esoteric mystery schools. Sacred scrolls and scientific texts describe the predictable mathematical relationships within designs of living organisms as they grow.

Your body already uses sacred geometry. Naturally, your energy bodies do too.

This is just the beginning! Whether you’ve already given extensive consideration and conscious intention to the creation of your light body structure or not, Sacred Geometry Light Body Co-Creation is for you!

Let’s upgrade your light body so that you have the ability to easily transform your light body structure from one sacred geometry form to another, at will! You can then interface with this and other realities in the geometric shape best suited to the purpose of the moment and the environment you are in!

Mariah is not going to intuit which sacred geometries are most prevalent within your energy field already or after the preparation of your Sacred Geometry Light Body Co-Creation Session. She feels strongly about the importance of encouraging you to work directly your own Sacred Geometry Light Body to foster the ease of shifting from one sacred design to another as need be.

Dolphins will be assisting in the co-creation of your Sacred Geometry Light Body Co-Creation Session! They bring exquisite joy and playfulness to your session while holding sacred space. Dolphins will provide the still and protected space to oversee the delicate preparation of your light body within.

With Purchase You Will Receive:

Three call-in statements to call in one time on separate days.

For those of you who crave spiritual upgrade and functioning at ever higher levels of awareness, the third session brings you energy from your higher chakras. I’ll help you to integrate this energy for the health of your body and spirit.


Please allow 72 hours to 5 days for your session to be completed and sent to you. Mariah’s sessions are popular and the length of time necessary to provide you your session is dependent on the number of requests she has received ahead of yours. Sessions are facilitated in the order the requests are received.


You are responsible for how you perceive your session and bear all responsibility for any outcome. Sacred Geometry Light Body Co-Creation energy works in accord with you, your higher self and soul to gently cleanse and upgrade your Light Body


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