Crystal Spirit Cellular DNA Upgrade Distance Session with informational digital pdf by Mariah Windsong: Unlock your DNA's higher potential now!


Includes a session with 3 call ins and an informational sent via digital pdf

25 September 2016

BOGO: Sessions are not included in buy 1 get 1 free offerings

:Facilitator: Mariah Windsong

About Mariah:

Mariah is the Author of Attune to Divinity™ and founder of over 150 Energy Systems.

About this session:

Cosmic Goddess Empowerments is delighted to offer sessions by our dear friend Mariah Windsong Couture this session is for Mariah's Crystal Spirit Cellular DNA Upgrade Distance Session

Etheric crystals are the sentient spiritual awareness of silicate minerals. Cosmic Goddess Empowerments attests that their healing skills for humans are amazing. They assist to harmonize all layers of a person's energetic system, from outer aura, emotional, mental, spiritual bodies to the energy swirling in our body's tissues, cells and subatomics. Most humans have DNA potentials waiting to be activated. Crystal Spirits know how to upgrade your DNA thus unlocking these potentials. When you are ready any healing benefits or awakening of skills that are your birthright will activate in your body.

Your Crystal Spirit Cellular DNA Upgrade educates your mitochondria DNA to utilize a wider range of light and cosmic energy frequencies as fuel.

Your body’s cells will utilize information contained within cosmic waves as Earth moves through new regions of space. This gives your body great comfort and ability to more gracefully adapt to change.

Cosmic Goddess Empowerments agrees and stands in agreement that the healing ability of  crystals is legendary. Some people can feel the fast vibrational frequencies of crystals in person and at a distance. Whether you can feel their subtle spiritual energy or not, they will be ministering to you, in accord with your body consciousness, your personality, soul and Eternal Sacred Source.

Each variety of crystals are known to have their own specialties. The right group of crystal spirits will step forward to extend their energies for your Cellular DNA Upgrade Session.

Because crystal spirits are masters at working through time and space, both on this planet and beyond, they can ease changes in your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy bodies. They work closely with your angels and spiritual guides. Crystal Spirit Cellular DNA Upgrade goes well with any other medical treatment or counseling you are having as well as medication you are taking. All they require is for you to give them the time to receive your session and endeavor to be gentle with yourself for a few days afterward.

When Mariah has completed your session you will receive your call in statement and session informational sent by Cosmic Goddess Empowerments by email to you. Sessions can be reactivated by you three times and are not included in bogo offerings and delivery is 72 hours up to 5 days depending on how many others are in line in front of you. You will receive an emailed PDF of session notes of anything Mariah noticed while facilitating your session.

You understand sessions are not included in bogo offerings?

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