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Minerva Inner Power Session with digital informational pdf by Mariah Windsong: Gain the confidence that demands respect!

$85.00 $100.00

Includes a distance energy session with three call ins and an informational sent via digital pdf

1 October 2016

BOGO: Sessions are not included in buy 1 get 1 free offering

Facilitator: Mariah Windsong

Turn-Around-Time: Due to the popularity of Mariah's sessions, session completion response time from Mariah can be as little as 72 hours up to 5 days. Sessions are prepared on a first come first serve basis.

About Mariah:

Mariah is the Author of Attune to Divinity™ and founder of over 150 Energy Systems.

About this session:

Some of Minerva’s attributes that Mariah has intuited by working with her are:


• Understated power

• Steady way forward

• Undeterable from the path

• Power of the opposites made one

• Makes skills easier to learn and understanding dawn

• Knowledge brushed with wisdom to make mature choices

• Learn from your shadow side

• Navigate through seemingly insurmountable odds

• Water gifts and spiritual works


Minerva's Warrioress energy can present itself as a warming heat to the upper back indicative of her 'having your back’.

 Owl as her familiar helps you to see the way not being fooled by illusion, Rooster as her familiar grants you confidence

Goddess Minerva is a Roman Goddess who has been known to give special help to those who have been taken advantage of.

When Mariah has completed your session you will receive your call in statement and session informational sent by Cosmic Goddess Empowerments by email to you. Sessions can be reactivated by you three times and are not included in bogo offerings and delivery is 72 hours up to 5 days.

By purchasing you agree that session will be completed 72 hours up to 5 days of time of purchase



By purchasing you agree that session will be completed 72 hours up to 5 days of time of purchase and that session is not included in bogo offerings, yes?

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