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Alma Penada Magic Spell Flush Reiki, digital e-manual by Manuela Fasoli: Reiki & Magick for matters of the heart with the assistance of Alma Penada


Includes the English translation digital e-manual delivered by link, Note, Manuela Fasoli's main language is not English

2 October 2017

Founder Manuela Fasoli


Manuela Fasoli write that in voudou tradition Alma Penada is very important for love spells. Manuela Fasoli writes that when a santeiro cast a love spell calling down Alma Penada they can be sure to have success. Alma Penada can assist in your efforts to bring you back your love be married or irresistible for the opposite sexm make you lucky in love but most of all, Manuela Fasoli writes, Alma Penada can delete all your emotional pain replacing it with happiness. With this energy system you’ll have the energy of this powerful spell without any casting, to assist in your love spells. Thank you for visiting, listing webtracked and protected along with picture.

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