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Holy Peace Mastery Essence, digital e-manual: Attract new person, NEW RELATIONSHIP into your life, ncrease confidence to build a NEW one!


Includes English translation digital pdf e-manual sent electronically by link

11 January 2017

Founder Ferry Puthut Handoko

Levels 1

About this system:

Cosmic Goddess Empowerments clients who love our friend Ferry Hanoko’s energy systems will love the energy of Holy Peace Mastery Essence because it will open your spiritual and mental gates to release the limitations from the outside world so you can attract s new person into your life and reinforce your confidence in building a new relationship. Holy Peace Mastery Essence fertilizes your heart with hope, gratitude and good will. is very good for one that seek for a loyal relationship in love, in work and in their social life. Holy Peace Mastery Essence was not only a lovely energy for strengthening the love and loyalty, but also a powerful energy to raise your faith to move forward leaving your past love and bring you out from bad trauma of love. For singles, when you think that you are dealing with a very "high degree lover", Holy Peace Mastery Essence will awaken honor, bring a mighty confidence and dignity to get a respectful attitude and great appreciation from them. Thank you for stopping by and reading Ferry’s listing information at content and picture copyscape protected and web tracked

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