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St Dwynwen - Patron Saint of Lovers, digital pdf manual: Lover destiny, find true love, heal wounded heart, fidelity & loyalty


Included is 1 digital pdf manual sent electronically by link and orb of life attunement

Founder: Maria Joao Sereno.

Saint Dwynwen, also known as Dwyn, Donwen, and Donwenna, She is the Welsh patron saint of lovers. She is also the patron saint of sick animals. .Dwynwen lived in Anglesey, and her name is still recalled in place names such as Llanddwyn and Porthddwyn. Her church at Llanddwyn became an important shrine . The holy well became a site of pilgrimage, at which the movement of fish within its waters was believed to indicate lovers' destinies by which direction they swam in when a question was asked. Saint Dwynwen's day, is celebrated on January 25. Seen as something of a "Welsh Valentine's Day", from the 1960s it has increased in popularity as a day when cards are sent and events such as concerts or parties are held.

St. Dwynwen Empowerment may assist you with

  • Protection for all true lovers
  • Finding true love
  • Healing wounded hearts
  • Healing sick animals
  • Patience and wisdom
  • Fidelity and loyalty
  • Happiness
  • Knowing to wait for the right time…








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