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Luna Mistress of the Moon, digital e-manual by Zabrina: Moon magic, inner mystique, personal power, inspiration, full moon, new moon & more!


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14 March 2018

Founder Zabrina

Levels 1

Feedback:  "Cool silvery but very healing and clearing".


Cosmic Goddess Empowerments clients who love lunar energies will love Luna's energy.  Zabrina writes that Luna is adorned in a crescent moon crown, outlining her beautiful pale ivory skin, a cloak billows behind her as she drives across the night sky in a two-yoke chariot drawn by winged oxen. She holds holding a torch to luminate the night sky.

Cosmic Goddess Empowerments especially loved that Luna oversees the changeable currents affecting the diverse aspects of people during moon cycles expressly lunar equilibrium, so we can have balance during the chaos some Full Moons brings. She is a connection to the Feminine Divine and she may be called upon for fertility, inspiration, intuition, moon magic, building inner mystique and personal power.

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