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Ancestral Line Clearing for Soulmate Manifestation, Master digital pdf: Pure Ho'oponopono energy coupled with Soulmate Manifestation energy


21 July 2018

Founder Rosemary Noel

Levels 2 (8 days apart)

Symbol No


Ancestral Line Clearing for Soulmate Manifestation brings the purest essence of ho’oponopono for lineage clearing, reconciliation and forgiveness.  This is achieved by clearing those parts of your ancestral past which are now influencing your present circumstances and condition pertaining specifically to soulmate and relationships including old patterning beneath the surface, of which you may not even have an awareness of. Ancestral Line Clearing for Soulmate Manifestation helps you to cleanse yourself of subconscious rubbish and those negative programs that run and re-run your life without your participation.

Ancestral Line Clearing for Soulmate Manifestation connects you and Spirit to assist you to repair the damages that have occurred in your life, relating to love and relationships and, in addition, it will to assist to remove the effects of past karmic actions in this and prior lifetimes or bring atonement to that which cannot be removed. It also helps to eradicate resulting memories that have caused damage, turmoil, grief and/or confusion.

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