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Kundalini Rising Preparation, Distant Session for you by Mariah Windsong Couture: Help to remove 'stops' in the spine, with pdf digital informational


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Facilitator: Mariah Windsong Couture

About this session

Most people have ‘stops’ in their spine which restrict the sacred kundalini’s natural rising. Those ‘stops’ were meant to dissolve away when you reach spiritual maturity. Sometimes help is needed to free your kundalini’s path of obstructions so that it can rise when the time is right.

My job is to gently introduce Reiki Kundalini Tumo so that your natural protection remains intact until your kundalini is ready to awaken and rise. If you’ve practiced enticing your kundalini to rise only to encounter a pressure at the top of your spine which stops its movement this session may help your kundalini to circulate better.

If your kundalini is not ready to rise this session’s preparation may make its maiden journey more comfortable and help you master your kundalini’s movement and power more easily.

Mariah's  been attuned to several sacred kundalini source-based energy systems have channeled others. When in your session she'll discern which energies that feel most needed to apply and include those in your written session summary in your informational.


Our sessions are popular and the length of time necessary to provide you your session is dependent on the number of requests we has received ahead of yours. Please allow 72 hours to 5 days for your session to be completed Your session summary notes are delivered to you by Cosmic Goddess Empowerments in an e-informational digital pdf by link with a “call in at your convenience” activation.


Your session notes are delivered by digital pdf link by Cosmic Goddess Empowerments typically in 72 hours but up to 5 days because sessions are configured on a first come first serve basis. If there is a particular concern you would like addressed in your session, please list here where prompted in the box at checkout:

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