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2019, Sorcery of Love, digital pdf by Ferry Handoko: AROUSE the feeling of Love, STRENGTHEN the FAITHFULNESS of love or perhaps WIN back an OLD LOVE


12 February 2019

Founder Ferry Puthut Handoko


Ferry writes in his manual that Sorcery of Love was channeled to arouse the energy of love from within those that as Ferry says "you are desirable to be your love by strengthening your auric influence". With a radiant aura, Ferry writes in the manual it may help to relieve the incompatibility another felt to you and can lead their heart to accept you just the way you are. Ferry continues by writing that Sorcery of Love can influence one's heart and can strengthen the faithfulness of love and it may propel you to win back an old love when they are in the vicinity of your new and radiant aura.

Ferry writes "that you will be accepted not only by Her/Him but you may be accepted by every person that may have disagreed with your relationship, and now may be moved to change their mind and be supportative to your relationship". In some cases, Ferry writes that Sorcery of Love also has a good effect to use in business to win the trust from your clients because of your radiant auric influences".



Included is the English digital pdf emanual sent electronically by link and distant attunement by orb of life method/chi ball method



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