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2019. Holy Light High Healing Vibrations Water Energy, digital pdf by Manuela Fasoli: The waters that flow in the places the Virgin Mary has appeared


10 May 2019

Founder Manuela Fasoli


The waters that gush in the places where the Virgin Mary is said to have appeared are dispensers of an energy that cures, always present and verifiable over time. They maintain unchanged their frequential properties, are of high conductivity and it has been ascertained that the devitalized microorganisms resume, as they die in normal or distilled water, as pathogenic germs can lose their aggressiveness. \


With this sacred high vibration waters, the disease does not wait for a remedy from the outside but a profound understanding from which arises the possibility of a healing of all the planes of being through an resonance that each sufferer finds with frequencies of light that are necessary to him and that a water leads them.


The most important waters are: Lourdes water, Meduforje water, Fatima water, Montichiari water, S. Damiano water and S. Maria Fontana water.


The sacred sources present in the places of Marian Apparition possess ALL the seven basic frequencies on which the various biological tissues resonate.


These frequencies are:

Frequency A (approx. 2.5 Hz) electric energy, basic frequency of the tissues, corresponds to the cell, to the mucous membranes, to the skin.

Frequency B (approx. 5 Hz) Magnetic-type energy, regulates respiratory, digestive and endocrine functions – except adrenal ones.

Frequency C (approx. 10 Hz) Magnetic-polarized energy, regulates circulatory, muscular and bony functions, the renal and genital system.

Frequency D (approx. 20 Hz) Conductive energy of all other energies, regulates the equilibrium of symmetries, that is, the balance between the two hemispheres.

Frequency E (approx. 40 Hz) Magnetic-polarized energy, regulates the functions of the neurological and neurovegetative apparatus.

Frequency F (approx. 80 Hz) Magnetic Energy, regulates the centers of the cerebral subcortex that control the functions of frequency E, is related to the sensation of feeling comfortable or uncomfortable. Frequency G (approx. 160 Hz) electric energy, corresponds to consciousness, is affected by all other frequencies but in turn can influence them.


The sacred waters at seven frequencies can be subdivided according to the resonance with the 4 elements:


1. Lourdes water and Maria Fontana, earth element, predominate the A-G frequencies, is suitable for purification

2. Water of Montichiari, water element, predominate the frequencies B-F, stimulates the energetic and spiritual elevation of the being

3. Medjugoije water and Fatima , corresponding to the air element, predominate the C-E frequencies, promotes the correct assimilation of oxygen and food and helps body healing

4. Water of San Damiano, element of fire, predominates the frequency D, generally used in problems of the nervous system ".

With this system you can have all these high vibrations and healing frequencies and you can make the healing waters


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