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2019, 999 Sacred Healing of Shiva, digital pdf by Hari Winarso: The sacred and HIGHER energy of Lord Shiva combined with 999 Energy


May 2019

Founder Hari Winarso

Levels 1

About 999

"999 energy is a high spiritual energy, some people said if it is a very high frequency of energy and the highest frequency of angelic realms. Spiritually, 999 energy represents spiritual progress and the ascension of spiritual awareness to a higher level and a deep inner transformation. 999 energy has a soft and calm energy pattern that useful to calming your body and mind, bring the inner peace and increases emotional stability. 999 energy may help in the development and strengthening of personal transformations, spiritual potentials, healing, and many other".

About 999 Sacred Healing of Shiva:

999 Sacred Healing of Shiva has a strong connection with the sacred and higher healing energy of Lord Shiva combined with 999 Energy. Master Hari says it is extremely effective to help you in healing diseases, and is also powerful to heal and overcome metaphysical diseases, such as those diseases from black magick, santet, teluh, or interference by demons, evil or dark spirits. It also  may help you to overcome any form of curses.

999 Sacred Healing of Shiva may also help to balancing and harmonizing your body, mind and spirit to encourages the health and well-being of them. 999 Sacred Healing of Shiva energy is excellent to heal old and fresh wounds of the heart, and helps you easily to release the anger, stress, anxiety and depression.

You can use this 999 Sacred Healing of Shiva for long distance healing and hands-on healing session with the same results.



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