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2019, Bundle of Loreto Virgin Mary House Holy Energy, digital pdf & Saint Andrew Sacred Place Energy, digital pdf: Sacred Places Bundle


1 June 2019

Founder Manuela Marques


This bundle contains 2 digital pdf manuals to two sacred places and their energies.  Manuela Fasoli writes these can assist with healing, find peace and renewal of faith.

1: Loreto Virgin Mary House Holy Energy

Manuela Fasoli writes in her manual: According to an ancient tradition, now proven by historical and archaeological researches, the Holy House is precisely the house of Nazareth in which Mary was born, she was educated and received the angelic announcement. The house consisted of a masonry room made up of three stone walls placed at the closure of a cave dug into the rock. The cave is still venerated in Nazareth, in the Basilica of the Annunciation, while the three stone walls, according to tradition, in 1294 were transported to Loreto when the Crusaders were expelled from Palestine. Documents and archaeological excavations must be confirmed by the hypothesis that the walls of the Holy House were transported to Loreto on a ship, on the initiative of the noble family Angeli, which reigned over Epirus. In this place many people feel and find peace, faith and deep healings. With this system you’ll receive this beautiful holy energy


2: Saint Andrew Sacred Place Energy

Manuela Fasoli writes in her manual: Saint Andrew is a sacred place in south Italy an old story says that an incredulous woman about the truth of the Eucharist took home a communion host in the course of Holy Mass. At home the woman placed the consecrated host inside a pan filled with boiling oil and suddenly from the particle began to come out large amounts of blood. In this sacred place many healings happened. With this system you’re linked to this holy place and its energy!



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