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2019, Franz Bardon Mental Magick, digital pdf by Manuela Fasoli: Empower All Your Senses & Control Them


1 June 2019

Founder Manuela Fasoli

About Franz Bardon:

Franz Bardon: Many judge him the greatest Hermetic Master of all time; He thought that magic is a sacred science, in the very true sense the sum of all knowledge because it teaches how to know and use the real and sacred power of energy.

About this system:

Manuela Fasoli writes in her manual: The mental magick is a very important step in Franz Bardon magick. With this step you’ll empower all your senses, mind and spirit and you can control them. With this system you reach this goal without doing all the magical exercises and meditations.

Included is the brief 5 page easy to use manual sent electronically by link and distant orb of life attunement



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