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2019, Mystical Vajrasattva Karma Purification Activation, digital pdf: Purify Karma, Cleanse Disharmonious Karma to the Self or Others


20 September 2019

Founder Ananta Lucian

Levels 1

Mantra?  Yes 3 word 6-Syllable


Mystical Vajrasattva Karma Purification Activation was channeled to unite you with the mystical power of Buddhist bodhisattva Vajrasattva to purify karma and its energy may also be used to clear a space of negative energy.

Mystical Vajrasattva Karma Purification Activation meditation allows you to review harmful karmic conducts and then conveys purity to the verbal, mental and physical body to cleanse these created in past lifetimes which have created disharmonious karma to the self or another.

Vajrasattva mantra is a powerful purification mantra. There is a 100-Syllable Mantra and there is also a 6-syllable mantra which is less formal but it is written to convey all the spiritual features.

The Vajrasattva Mantra is said to have the ability to purify karma, bring peacefulness and enlightened activity.

Included is the original digial pdf manual sent electronically by link and orb of life atunement





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