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2019, Cosmic Fire Vortex, digital pdf by Ferry Handoko: Clear Cords, Detoxify Aura, Increase Emission of Aura, Release Unlimited Spiritual Potential


10 October 2019

Founder Ferry Puhut Handoko


Cosmic Fire Vortex Activation helps with the clearing of inner wounds and is very good to release an unlimited spiritual potential. It lifts up your spiritual awareness and helps with a solid spiritual discernment.. and more.

Cosmic Fire Vortex increases the emission of your aura and is effective to assist as a powerful auric negative energy remover. Cosmic Fire Vortex works as a powerful energy spiral for detoxification of your aura. It is useful for clearing the hooks of psychic parasites and the cords of emotional energy vampires and then spiraling to close the areas of attachment once removed and helps to ward off future attachments by the velocity of your aura’s emission.

Included is the original pdf manual sent electronically by link and orb of life distant attunement. Cosmic Goddess Empowerments has rights of resale until 10 November 2019





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