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2019, Mystical Garden of Saraswati, digital pdf: Cleansing, balancing, purifying, maximize focus of students or children for study, assists geo stress


27 November 2019


Mystical Garden of Saraswati was channeled to help you to have a strong or stronger connection with the energy of Goddess Saraswati and create a space, or environment that will be blessed by Goddess Saraswati.

The energy of the Mystical Garden of Goddess Saraswati is cleansing, balancing and purifying. Cosmic Goddess Empowerments staff found it assisted to have the best and conductive space/room/environment energetically for meditating, working, studying, or even for resting.

Mystical Garden of Saraswati energy is very helpful to create a good atmosphere within the study room of students or your children, founder says it helps maximize the focus to study.  The energy of Goddess Saraswati can help maximize your focus to work in order to assist you to get the best results of your work. Mystical Garden of Saraswati assists with environment stresss such as geo stress and more as found in the manual.


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