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2019, The Intuitive Gifts and Healing Powers of Goddess Mazu, Practitioner digital pdf: Increase Intutive Healing Gifts & More


1 December 2019

Founder: Rosemary Noel

Levels 1


Practitioner system is for Self Use and Sharing Energy With but not Attuning Others

About this system:

The Intuitive Gifts and Healing Powers of Goddess Mazu was channeled to connect you to Goddess Mazu and to strengthen and increase your intuitive gifts especially those relating to intuitive healing.

Her name, Mazu (Ma-Tsu) means mother. She is known as the Kuan Yin of the Southern Sea. Goddess Mazu is a natural born healer and practiced traditional Chinese medicine in her human form before her ascension.

Invoke Goddess Mazu through the Intuitive Gifts and Healing Power of Goddess Mazu to remove obstructions to your psychic gifts to enhance your energy treatments and to instinctively perceive what needs restorative energy restoration in another or yourself.

"This system was channeled to enhance your intuitive healing gifts and enhance your current healing ability. Cosmic Goddess Empowerments makes no assurance of healing only God and your higher self determines this".

Included is the original digital Practitioner pdf Manual sent electronically by link and orb of life attunement. Cosmic Goddess Empowerments has exclusive right of resale of the practitioner system until December 15, 2019. One must be attuned to the Teacher system to attune others, Teacher system available after December 15, 2019. 



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