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2019, Nalakuvara Ancient Force, digital pdf: Optimism on Life Path, Success, Luck, See Clearly Opportunities, Shield Bad Vibes and Emotional Pollution


2 December 2019

Founder Master Hari Winarso

Levels 1

Mantra Yes

Meditation Yes

About Nalakuvara

In Hindu and Buddhist mythology, Nalakuvara is the brother of Maṇigriva (Manibhadra), the son of the yaksha king Kubera (also known as Vaisravaṇa). In Chinese mythology, Nalakuvara is also known as Nezha (Nazha), the third son of the Tower King. He is also called "Marshal of the Central Altar".

About Nalakuvara Ancient Force :

Master Hari says Nalakuvara Ancient Force was channeled to help you have a strong connection with the energy of Nalakuvara in order to create an energetic protection shield, bring wealth, luck, and also assist you to getting success in your life.

The protection shield of Nalakuvara Ancient Force will protect you from bad vibes, psychic attacks and emotional pollution, and any others harmful unseen energies. So, it will bring peace of mind and increase your optimism to walking in your life-path.. You can "see" clearly many opportunities and creative ideas that add support to help you increase your job level or expand your business. . And much more!


Included is the English digital pdf sent electronically by link and orb of life attunement.

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