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2020, Butterfly Goddess - Spirit of Chrysalis, Teachers digital pdf by Zabrina: Feminine Potential, Perpetual Evolution, Awakening


17 January 2020

Founder Zabrina

Levels 1 - For Your Self Use and Sharing Energy with and Attuning Others

Symbol?  Yes


Like the butterfly the Butterfly Goddess rests her wings briefly after exiting chrysalis and then spreads her wings and flies. The Butterfly Goddess – Spirit of Chrysalis is an energy of feminine potential, exploration and perpetual evolution. It is an awakening energy and an energetic process where the end connects to the beginning; expanding, renewing and evolving. The Butterfly Goddess – Spirit of Chrysalis strengthen self-assurance and allow you to spread your wings and bring victory to your life. It connects you with a great “Creatress” emergence energy and the divine feminine chrysalis spirit.

Included is the original digital Teachers pdf manual sent electronically by link and orb of life attunement




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