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2020, Releasing Emotions of a Heavy Heart digital pdf by Daelyn Wolf: Clear Layers of Emotional Pain of Broken Heart & Draw Strength to Get Through


21 January 2020

Founder Daelyn Wolf

Symbol? Yes


From the manual: 

This system connects you to source energy and works with your heart chakra. It draws in personal power to give you strength to get through situations that are difficult and stressful. It works to protect your energy and to ease the weight of a heavy heart that keeps you in emotional turmoil, sadness, and pain.

There are layers to the kind of pain you feel when you have a broken heart. One type of emotional pain causes a peak in excitability, this system will help to calm this type of emotional pain, but it works mostly to heal and strengthen your heavy heart and to give you the courage to accept it and get through it.

When your heart feels heavy, you are sad, but have accepted that the situation is what it is, and that the course of actions to the situation are set in motion and cannot be stopped. They can be delayed, but not stopped. This is usually brought on by a situation that has long been brewing and you have been ignoring the universe’s gentle nudges to make changes that are necessary. The universe then step’s up the pressure and forces the change upon you. The universe has been guiding you toward accepting it, but you keep ignoring it. Then the axe just falls and there is nothing left to do but accept it, surrender to it to the universe. You are forced to step out of your comfort zone, and change is chaotic at first and then settles down. It is with a heavy heart that you hand it over to the universal source and allow it to happen in the easiest way possible.


Included is the original pdf manual sent electronically by link and orb of life attunement




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