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2020, Empowered Goddess Within Empowerment 2020, Personal Use digital pdf manual by Rosemary Noel: Renewal of Spirit, Power & More


25 January 2020

Founder Rosemary Noel

Levels 1 - A Personalized Manual for our members for self/personal use, not for resale


The Empowered Goddess Within was originally channeled in 2010 to assist with purification of mind body and spirit.

The 2020 Personalized Self Use system is an enhanced energy and contains augmented directions of use. 

Manual Includes:

  • Attunement
  • Self Activation,
  • Clearing Activation
  • and a Specific Petition Ceremony for Clearing

Benefits of the Empowered Goddess Within Could Include

• Purification of Mind, Body and Spirit

• Self Confidence and Self Esteem

• Renewal of Spirit

• Renewal of Power

• Release of Sadness, Fear or Anguish

• Fortitude

• Concentration, Clarity and Focus

• Restoration of Authentic Self

• Release of Limiting Belief Patterns

• Emotional Wounding Clearing

• Victim Mentality Flush

• Repair of Personal Power

• And much more!

The 2020 Empowered Goddess Within Empowerment is a healing empowerment designed to break you free of the bondage of limiting belief patterns, social and religious conditioning, sexual dysfunction, emotional wounding from your spouse or significant other, submission patterns, victim mentality and any negative imprinting which inhibits you from rebirthing your true expression and growth this lifetime. The 2020 Empowered Goddess Within Empowerment helps you to restore your personal power and essence.

A goddess is the ultimate manifestation of the primordial divine cosmic feminine energy. She is God in the feminine form, the Divine Mother. She resides in the heart of every woman. Attuning to the energy of Empowered Goddess Within Empowerment is a conduit to discovering the Goddess in you, creating your own “her” story and to relish in the beauty and grace which is uniquely you.

You will be attuned to a frequency of abundance in all areas of your life so you will no longer be in need or depleted sexually, mentally, monetarily,  or, in your relationships, career, dreams or plans for the future and much more

Included with purchase is the original English pdf personalized for you,  your personal self use sent electronically by link and orb of life attunement







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