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2020, Mystical Viral Infection Resistance Force, Practitioner digital pdf by Master Lucian: Energetically Resist Virus Pathogens & Rebuild the Body


8 February 2020

Founder Master Ananta Lucian

Levels 1 Practitioner, for personal use and sharing energy with but not attuning others

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Included with purchase:

"A viral infection is the rapid reproduction of an injurious virus inside the body. A virus cannot replicate without the assistance of a host which is infected as the virus propels its genetic matter into the hosts body cells and seizes the cell's internal structure to propagate more virus particles and could potentially infect any body tissue such as the lungs, brain and skin".

"The Mystical Viral Infection Resistance Force Activation is a dynamic energy which was channeled for an assist in the resistance of pathogens such as viruses and other maladies. It provides resistance to the pathogen invasion of viral infection. Mystical Viral Infection Resistance Force also can help with rebuilding the anguished body should the pathogenic viral infestation be transmitted inhaled, ingested, directly contacted or through the skin".

The signed and secured English language digital pdf manual sent electronically by link and orb of life attunement.

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