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2020, Melchizedek 888 White Magick, digital pdf: Lord of Human & Divine Justice, Pay off Karmic Debt & the energy of 888 Powerful Seal



1 March 2020


Founder: Manuela Fasoli

Symbol? Yes

Prayer/Invocation?  Yes


Manuela Fasoli says in her manual that "Malki-tzédek is the king of Salem realm, Priest of the Highest Elyon, the Lord.In the old testament he was both king and priest. He’s the lord of human and divine justice he can give you what you ask,  if you deserve,  and he can help you to pay your debts or be paid and to reach your goals according to our Lord’s will. In the ancient secret ceremonies the number 888 was a powerful seal and the meaning is “so be it”or “be done” . This system has a symbol and a powerful short powerful ancient magick prayer that help you to manifest reality in the name of God".

Included is the brief 4 page English corrected pdf manual sent electronically by link.

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