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2020, Magickal Talismanic Power of Keris, digital pdf by Master Hari Winarso: Assists Energy Sensitivity, Improve Spirituality & Spiritual Insights


16 March 2020


Founder Master Hari Winarso




Master Hari writes: "Magickal Talismanic Power of Keris (Kris) was channeled to connect you energetically to the high occult power of the Keris ritual device. It is imbued with the energy and benefit of Keris talisman without your having to possess the real ritual device itself".

Master Hari says, Magickal Talismanic Power of Kerisbrings a high energetic magnetism and captivating power. It can also assist you to improve your spirituality and help you to attain the higher level of consciousness in order to achieve spiritual insights".

Master Hari continues, "Magickal Talismanic Power of Keris increases physical and mental control and assists to protect you from anyone who wants to attack you metaphysically or even in physical challenges such as martial arts. Magickal Talismanic Power of Keris will boost the current psychic abilities and increase your energy sensitivity..



Includes the English pdf manual sent electronically by link and orb of life distant attunement





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