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Personalized Energy Session Package of 5 Sessions and digital pdf e-informational. Choose from the choices within


Includes English digital e-informational sent electronically by link about the system or systems utilized for your session selections

Buy 1 Get 1:  Yes, Registered Members may select 1 single e-manual of 1 system (not a session) of equal or lesser value. 

Delivery Time: Your first session will be delivered typically within 72 hours of purchase  but up to 5 days as session are configured on a first come first serve basis with the next 4 sessions delivered in 72 hour increments thereafter.

Facilitator: Rosemary Noel 


For your consideration is a healing package of distance energy sessions you may choose. After purchase choose 5 healing session selections from the Healing Choice List below. Or if you have any issues that you would like worked on, that are not on the list,  I refer you to my personalized healing session.  For best results I recommend a vibrational healing first for clearing of your energetic channels. 

I will send each session via call in method, no appointments and I will send instructions by e-informational electronically by pdf link.

Choice List - Please select 5 sessions from the list below:

  • 3rd Eye Clearing
  • 4th Eye Flush
  • Angelic Soul Healing
  • Abundance Flush
  • Aura Clearing
  • Broken Heart Clearing
  • Chakra Clearing
  • Cleanse & Protect
  • Cleanse & Renewal
  • Clearing of Abandonment Issues
  • Clearing of Emotional Issues
  • Clearingof Blocks to Intimacy
  • Clearing Wounded Inner Child
  • Clearing Self Sabotage
  • Clearing Negative Imprints
  • Clearing Sexual Imprints
  • Distance Crystal Healing
  • Etheric Crystal Healing
  • Goddess Healing Session
  • Healing - Physical Healing for Pain etc.
  • Love & Forgiveness Session
  • Love Flush - Increase your connection to Spirit
  • Love Flush - For Relationship Loss
  • Magnetic Money Booster Session
  • Pain Flush - Cramps, Migraines, Joint Care etc.
  • Stress Relief Flush
  • Subconscious Clearing Flush
  • Self Love Comprehensive Healing
  • Subconscious Clearing
  • Clearing Flush
  • Trauma Clearing
  • Vibrational Clearing




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